7 Camtasia Alternatives for Creating Online Training

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Are you considering creating an online course using screen captures with voice over recordings? If so you’ll need to use Camtasia or a Camtasia alternative.

Camtasia, and other screen capture software, allows you to set up a space on your computer screen (or your entire screen) which will be recorded. With screen capture software, you can record yourself running through a PowerPoint presentation or working through the steps to accomplish a task online. If you add a voice over recording to your recorded video presentation you’ll have a complete presentation. Best of all, it’s super easy. Plus Camtasia offers advanced tools if you’re willing to take the time to learn how to use them.

A Little About Camtasia

Camtasia’s newest and most improved version includes many useful settings that help the online classroom cater to unique learners. Here are just a few of Camtasia’s features:
  • It has the ability to record screen and audio, so lectures will be more interactive.
  • The software can record your webcam and screen at the same time, so you can have a presence on the screen.
  • It also includes the complete video editor that allows teachers to zoom in on time.
  • Teachers can preview video frames precisely forward or backward for more visual control.
  • The software includes advanced visual adjustments that enable users to alter opacity, scaling, inclination, and vision to make content more artistic.
  • Camtasia has new audio editing abilities that allows users to fluctuate volume and regulate gain at different times to add dimension to your work.
  • Advanced speed settings allow users to make video or audio faster or slower to enhance important information.
  • Users can add captions, annotations, and even highlight sections for a more concentrated learning experience.
  • Your video clips can be split, shorten, or stretched to keep lectures interesting.

Why Do People Use Camtasia?

Camtasia’s many features allow instructors and teachers to give direction, share information, give lectures, demonstrate procedures, and give tests or quizzes. The software is very flexible and can be used with PowerPoint and Google Slides so that you can have a better grasp of your lectures. The Screen capture and webcam settings allows you to be versatile and creative. Instructors can conduct exciting games and challenges while using the software.
It has everything instructors need to make lectures that can run themselves and stay relevant.

Camtasia Alternatives

Camtasia is offered by Techsmith and has helped 30 million users in over 180 countries. I’ve been using Camtasia to create screen capture recordings since about 2006. It’s what I used to make my first ever video recording and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Although it was once the only tool on the market, there are now many others to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few top Camtasia alternatives …


As far as alternatives to Camtasia go, ScreenFlow is considered top of the line for Mac users. ScreenFlow from Telestream, Inc. is a screen-casting and video editing software for MacOS. It boasts of an easy-to-use interface with three options for navigating the program. There’s a ‘New Recording’ option enabling you to capture screen or audio. The other two options include the ability to create a blank file and open a saved document.

Screenshot of screenflow tool.

When it comes to Camtasia vs Screenflow, the latter is an ideal choice for educators, marketers, and mobile app developers who are looking for a way to create high-quality tutorials, demos, presentations, and training material online. The platform provides a rich set of features that can be used to create attractive training courses and presentations with just a few clicks.

Some of the stand-out features that ScreenFlow offers include iOS recording, video editing tools, streamlined media management, professional quality motion graphics, MP4 encoding, GIF support, closed caption support, and publishing options. The platform also offers a variety of ways in which you can export files, including the FILE>EXPORT option.


  • Easy-to-use and intelligent UI.
  • Highest quality recording available (even better than Camtasia).
  • Powerful video editing tools.
  • Streamlined media management.
  • Publishing options.


  • The price is a bit expensive for those on a budget.
  • Cannot create quizzes or surveys.
  • Need extra care while editing since editing the action can affect the start and end point.


Filmora vs Camtasia? The truth is, both tools are well-designed and reliable. Filmora is the ideal option for beginners who are looking to use some advanced functionality when it comes to video editing but aren’t looking to do anything too extreme.

Screenshot of Filmora.

Similar to Camtasia, Filmora is also a non-linear video editing suite that offers a timeline editor. The editing suite offers everything from basic cutting, cropping and trimming features to advanced editing tools such as the camera shake stabilizer.

Filmora is geared towards those users who are often making videos and posting them on YouTube or Facebook, which is why there are plenty of flashy filters and features. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be used to create how-to videos as well. Overall, Filmora offers a smart user interface and workflows, making it easier to learn and use the software suite.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Managing projects is easy.
  • Online store makes it easy to add a variety of effects.
  • Export projects using multiple options and formats.


  • Can lag while editing because of computer resource consumption.
  • No audio files included in standard package.
  • No multiple video tracking function.
  • Online store might require several login attempts to function properly.
  • No access to storyboard editing.


Snagit is an easy to use and reliable platform for capturing screenshots and recording video and audio files. The software allows individuals and businesses to get their point across by creating crisp and effective videos. All the tools provided in the Snagit platform are designed to simplify communication and collaboration for business growth.

Screenshot of Snagit tool.

Some of the benefits of using Snagit include its drag and drop interface allowing you to easily customize your videos. Additionally, the captured images maintain a high level of quality since they do not suffer from pixel inaccuracy, meaning you can create rich, high-quality videos on the fly. When comparing Camtasia vs Snagit, one of the things that stands out with Snagit is the ability to create simple and quick-response screencasts to show customers how to accomplish a certain task.


  • Ability to screenshot a particular area on the screen.
  • Save screenshots or videos in different formats, even for an LMS.
  • Stable image capture tools.
  • Great for creating videos, editing photos, adding texts, and creating panoramic shots.


  • High price compared to other applications.
  • Scrolling can get a bit slow at times.
  • No editable layers.


SmartPixel is a free and easy to use screen recorder and video editor tool that allows you to record anything in high resolution. While the program was initially designed for Windows devices, it can also be used on Android and Mac OS. When it comes to a Camtasia free alternative, SmartPixel is considered to be the most trustworthy and reliable option by many video editors and Mac users.

Screenshot of SmartPixel screencapture tool.

The software tool has the ability to capture audio from the PC, microphones, and from multiple-channel type audio systems all at the same time. The interactive recording feature of the tool allows you to record on the fly. The software can be used to easily edit audio, animations, text, transitions and images. It also supports multiple file formats such as MOV, M4V, GIF, and MP4 along with many other file formats allowing you to work with multiple file types.


  • Easily record in HD quality.
  • Add annotations and live commentary to videos on the fly.
  • Can record a selective area of the screen.
  • Ability to upload videos to YouTube.
  • Export to various formats.


  • Zooming and panning features are not available.
  • Program can sometimes crash during recording sessions.
  • Complicated interface with a steep learning curve.
  • High price tag.


Probably the most useful screen recorder application for the PC is the freemium EzVid recorder. But, don’t get fooled by its minimalist interface. EzVid is one of the best free video recorders available out there that won’t ruin your video footage with ugly watermarks just because you didn’t pay for a monthly package. The first thing that stands out with EzVid is the incredibly easy-to-use interface.

Screenshot for EZVid screencapture software.

The software uses a screen widget that appears during the recording and allows you to make quick changes and annotations which is extremely useful when making tutorials or how-to videos. The program can also be used to record games, but you might need to run it in windowed mode. One of the standout features of this software is its ability to save video recordings automatically. It is also extremely easy to create slideshows which is a nifty feature if you find yourself making slideshow presentations for business.


  • Clear and easy to understand interface.
  • No watermark on video.
  • Built-in powerful editor.


  • Export limited to YouTube.
  • No way to save recordings on PC.
  • 45 minute recording limit.


FRAPS game capture video recorder and FPS viewer might seem like a mouth full, but it is a hugely popular Windows application used for real-time game recordings. This tool captures audio and video up to 7680 x 4800 with custom frame rates of 1 to 120fps. You can use it with games that have inbuilt OpenGL or DirectX graphic technology. FRAPS can carry out a number of tasks making it a good cheap alternative to some of the big-name brands.

Screenshot for FRAPS screencapture software.

What makes FRAPS stand out from other similar programs such as Camtasia is that it is also compatible with older versions of Windows such as Windows XP. While it might not offer video recording yet, it is light years ahead of the competition when it comes to frame capturing.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Smooth drag and drop functionality.
  • Skype call, video game and online video capturing capabilities.
  • Can capture sound via microphone.


  • No webcam recording.
  • Does not have timeline capability.
  • Lacks ability to record system audio.
  • Cannot add titles to video.

Free Cam

Free Cam is a simple and easy to use screen recorder that is free. Not only does it have an attractive and intuitive user interface, it also features a built-in audio/video editor that allows you to create crisp videos without wasting much time. One of the main selling points of Free Cam is that it does not include any watermark on the video recording despite it being free. This makes it a great option for beginners who like to create videos but do not necessarily want to invest in a paid program just yet.

Screenshot for Freecam screen recording software.

Another area where the Free Cam stands out is how easy it is for users to frame the screen and choose dimensions for the video recording. Users also have the choice of exporting their video recordings straight to YouTube or saving it on their PC in a .wmv format.


  • No watermark on video recordings.
  • No time limit to video recordings.
  • Ability to record voice-overs and computer sounds.
  • Can record video in high-resolution.
  • Removes background noise.
  • Access to a wide array of sound effects.


  • Can save recordings to WMV only.
  • No webcam recording capability.


As you’ve seen, there are several Camtasia alternatives on the market. Whether you find Camtasia too expensive, too difficult to use, or just don’t like the feature set, you can choose from one of the alternatives to get the exact software you need.

If you’ve got any other Camtasia alternatives, please let us know in the comments below.

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