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Step-by-Step Training for Online Course Founders

Online Courses & Toolkits

Get detailed frameworks and strategic planners that walk you through building your online course business.

Research course card
Research Topic Idea

Come up with your topic idea in this training. You should have a relationship with the topic or some knowledge of the topic.

Sales course card
Social Proof

Discover the secrets to social proof, including how to use it on your sales pages. Get a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly where to put social …

Platform builder course card
Building a Minimal Platform

Build the pages of your website, including your home page, about page, contact us page, and legal pages.

Top Guides for Online Course Creators

These free guides cut out the clutter and help you get started creating and selling online courses.

Online Course Ideas

Three steps cover the process of choosing an online course; idea generation, validation, and refinement.

Create an Online Course

Learn how to do market research for your course, topic research, plan your course structure, and create your course.

Sell Online Courses

Learn proven strategies to sell your online course from an entrepreneur selling online training since 2001.

Online Course Platforms

Discover the best online course platforms available and how to choose the option that makes the most sense for you.

Exclusive Interviews

Twice a week in-depth interviews with founders in the knowledge business.

Founders in the course creation space walk you through how they did it and give you their best advice. Filter interviews by niche, traffic method, revenue, and more to find the interviews that mean the most to you.

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