Camtasia Review: Special Features and Pricing Models

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Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor. Record and create professional videos on Windows and Mac with this all-in-one software.


Who Camtasia is For:

Camtasia is for course creators putting together screen capture videos or videos based on presentation material. For instance, if you want to run a PowerPoint video and add a voice over while while going through the slide show, Camtasia is the perfect tool to use. In addition, if you want to show your learners how to accomplish a task on their computer, then you can walk them through it by recording the steps with Camtasia.

Skill Level:

Recording videos with Camtasia is pretty easy to do. You simply open the software, click record, and select the size of the recording area on your screen. Record your entire screen or just a small section of your screen. It’s best to make the recording area the same dimension as your finished video, so you should use a standard recording dimension. Once your video is recorded, Camtasia offers a lot of options. That’s where some experience comes in handy, but it’s definitely easy to get started and fun to play around with the options later on.


Camtasia is software you install on your computer that runs on Windows and Macs. You’ll just need to select which version you want to buy. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll gain access to a download area where you can start the download. After Camtasia is installed, you’ll run it from your computer.

Special Features:

Camtasia is a solid product with a lot of different features. It’s easy to record your screen with this tool. You can edit your video with simple cut and paste tools and when you’re done, set Camtasia to render your video in whatever size you want. Import an audio track and combine it to your video with ease. I’ve been using Camtasia to make eLearning videos for at least 10 years and it always works flawlessly.


Camtasia is a bit on the expensive side. Techsmith justifies the high price by adding in all the bells and whistles (like noise reduction), zoom capabilities, and more. Honestly, I never use those extra features so for what I use it for, the price is a little steep. However, it does work well and is the gold standard in screen recording software.

Detailed Features

✔ Video tutorials✔ Drag and drop text✔ Record screen
✔ How-to videos✔ Transitions✔ Webcam recording
✔ Demo videos✔ Effects✔ Add audio
✔ Presentation videos✔ Annotations✔ Create quizzes
✔ Explainer videos✔ Callouts✔ Record presentations
✔ Zoom and pan

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $249.00 for a single license where you can install Camtasia on 2 machines. You can pay a $49.60 maintenance fee to get updates plus premium support for 12 months.

Advanced Plans: Volume Business pricing is available where you can get a reduced price per user. For instance, if you have 10 users then each user will be $231.57 instead of the regular price.

Annual Savings: There is no annual savings. However, a yearly maintenance plan is available so you are always running the latest version of Camtasia.

Trial Option: There is a Free Trial that lasts 4 weeks. The free trial is the full version of the software allowing you to try everything out first. No credit card is required.

Free Version: There is no free version of this tool. All versions are paid, but you can try it out for 4 weeks.

Guarantee: Camtasia offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Training: Tutorials, demos, and training videos.
Support: Email ticket system. Chat is available for supported versions only.

Company Details

Founded in: 1987 by William Hamilton
Headquarters: Michigan, USA

Competing Tools

If you want to try a Camtasia alternative, look into ScreenFlow. It’s for Mac users only, but offers comparable features. Filmora is another option (for Mac and PC) which is much less expensive than Camtasia. Take a look at these options if you’re on a tight budget.

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