Best USB Microphones for eLearning Voice Overs

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Are you thinking about creating voice overs?

If you’re not yet sure I’ve put a complete guide together that includes a detailed voice over definition and tips on how to do a voice over.

When it comes to recording a good-quality voice over for eLearning courses, more and more experts are leaning towards the use of USB microphones. The popularity of these microphones is skyrocketing – and for good reasons! Find out the best USB microphone for voice over recordings.

First Off, What are USB Microphones?

You may consider USB microphones the easiest and quickest way of creating quality recordings on your computer. While these mics offer a decent recording option for professionals, they are pretty affordable for beginners too.

USB microphones contain all the wiring required for you to connect them to a USB port.

USB Microphones vs. Traditional Microphones

When compared with regular voice over microphones, USB mics offer a wide range of advantages. For one, you don’t need additional audio equipment to plug them into a computer. All you need is a desktop computer or a laptop with a USB port and recording software – and you’re good to go.

Let’s discuss the benefits of USB mics in comparison to traditional microphones.

1. Convenience

The major advantage of using USB microphones is convenience. They are very easy to set up and connect. In fact, you can start recording with a USB mic within minutes.

2. Hassle-free Recording

Let’s be honest, nobody likes the sight of tangled wires behind the computer let alone the thought of untangling them. Fortunately, with USB microphones you don’t have to deal with such complications.

USB mics only have one cable that you need to plug into a USB port. Once plugged in, your computer will automatically identify it as a new input device and you can start recording your voice overs just like that. Say no more to installing device drivers on your system.

3. Compatibility

USB microphones are usually compatible with both desktop PCs and MAC and are ideal for recording eLearning voice overs.

4. Affordability

Unlike regular microphones, USB mics come with an in-built digital interface and don’t require a separate audio interface. Thus, they are usually an affordable choice rather than buying a mic and an interface separately.

5. Additional Bonuses

You can easily transport and swap your recordings in a matter of minutes. This allows you to record longer voice overs. Since your recordings can be used on other laptops and computers, you can easily edit them on any device.

In addition to this, you get to choose whether you want to mount your USB microphone on a stand or not. Hence, these mics are designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience.

Types of USB Microphones

There is a wide variety of USB mics available. While each of them varies in shape, size, features, and ability, but they offer more or less the same benefits. As far as the price range is concerned, USB mics on the higher end are typically ideal for professional voice over artists.

On the other hand, the less expensive options are perfect for content creators who want a mic that serves the purpose of creating high-quality voice overs for eLearning courses at home or on the go.

Choosing the Best USB Microphone for Voice Overs

Needless to say your budget will play the determining role when it comes to selecting the best USB microphone for your voice overs.

From expensive yet cost-effective USB mics to those as low as or even under $50 or $100, the market has it all. The key to choosing the best one for your voice overs is to consider your budget and weigh the pros and cons of each mic.

To make it easier for you to choose from the wide range of USB microphones available today, here’s a list of some of the best microphones for eLearning voice over recordings.

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Rode NT-USB1. Rode NT-USB

The Rode NT-USB is a top choice for experts because of the versatility it offers. It’s not only ideal for recording voice overs but also offers high sound quality for singing and other instruments.

Moreover, this studio-quality USB microphone is highly compatible with all common recording applications on desktop and MAC computers as well as the iPad. With a 3.5 mm jack for stereo headphones, this microphone doesn’t only allow you to examine the microphone input but also allows you to adjust the level of monitoring and mix between your computer audio and the microphone input.

The Rode NT-USB is affordable and comes with a nifty mount and a sound filter, offering the ideal all-in-one package for you.


  • Perfect for voice overs as well as musical recordings.
  • Fully compatible with mainstream recording software.
  • Allows you to pick the ideal mix between the audio input of your computer and the mic.
  • Is price-friendly.
  • Comes with the mount for a neat placement beside your computer.
  • Has an integrated pop filter for professional-level sound quality.


  • Not much.

–> Shop Rode NT-USB

Blue Yeti Mic2. Blue Yeti Mic

Blue Yeti Mic is by far the most efficient and popular USB microphones among professionals. Capturing the ideal 16-bit/48 kHz, it is the perfect option for eLearning voice overs for any application. It features four pattern modes: cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. So if you’re looking for a USB mic with a multi-pattern model, the Blue Yeti Mic should be your go-to choice.

Its 3-capsule technology allows you to adjust the volume of the headphone and manage the instant mute and microphone gain options. It features a 3.5 mm jack through which you can monitor the audio and enjoy a clear and delay-free listening experience. The Blue Yeti Mic is very easy to use – all you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port, connect it with the system, and start recording.


  • Highly compatible with Windows 7,8,10, XP, Vista, and MAC OS X 10.4.11 or higher.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Offers loud, rich, and clear sound.
  • The cardioid pattern is perfect for eLearning voice overs.
  • Allows you to be in charge of the recording process.


  • The controls may be a bit flimsy.
  • Doesn’t come with a mount shock.

–> Shop for Blue Yeti Mic

Sampson Go Mic3. Sampson Go Mic

The Sampson Go Mic is the perfect option if you’re looking for a mic that is both high-performing and affordable. The portable size is perhaps the best thing about this USB microphone. As compact as a clip, it can easily be carried anywhere. If you’re someone who travels a lot then this USB mic is the ideal fit for you.

This microphone boasts a plug-and-play system. Moreover, it has great compatibility with both MAC and Windows based computer systems. In addition to featuring the omnidirectional pattern, it has a cardioid mode that works great for voice overs. It offers an impressive frequency response of 20 Hz – 18 kHz and a 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution for its compact size.


  • Highly affordable.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Offers a decent sound quality.
  • Has omnidirectional and cardioid patterns.
  • Doesn’t require device drivers.


  • Isn’t ideal for recording music.

–> Shop for Sampson Go Mic

Logitech USB Microphone4. Logitech USB Microphone

The Logitech USB mic provides you with clear and crisp sound. It doesn’t require any software or hardware and is super simple to use by simply plugging and playing. Featuring a unique noise-canceling technology, this USB microphone is guaranteed to produce a high-quality audio recording.

The Logitech USB microphone comes with a stable stand, allowing you to easily position it the way you want. With a sleek modern design, this USB mic is bound to enhance the overall look of your computer system when placed beside it.


  • Prevents ambient noise.
  • Offers loud and clear sound.
  • Has a plug-and-play operation.
  • Comes with a good-quality stand for maximum support.


  • Not suitable for music recordings.

–> Shop for Logitech USB Microphone

Mini USB Microphone5. Mini USB Microphone

This microphone is perhaps the tiniest of all USB microphones out there. With a plug-and-play system, it saves you from the hassle of driver installation. Featuring a USB interface, it can be used with any computer, laptop, or SBC.


  • Compact in size.
  • Works with all laptops and computers.
  • Doesn’t require drivers.


  • May not work great for music recordings.

–> Shop for Mini USB Microphone

MXL Tempo6. MXL Tempo

This pocket-rocket microphone is one of the best USB mics that experts swear by. It offers a decent sound quality for voice overs. With its lightweight, compact design, it is easy to carry around. Moreover, it offers a solid frequency response of 40 Hz – 48 kHz. In addition, this microphone comes with an integrated high-fidelity headphone jack, allowing you to monitor and control your audio recording. The MXL Tempo is fully compatible with all computer systems as well as different music programs.


  • Offers good-quality audio recording.
  • Is highly portable.
  • Allows you to take in charge of the audio recording.
  • Compatible with a wide range of computer systems.
  • Affordable.


  • Doesn’t have an iPad USB adapter.

–> Shop for MXL Tempo

These are some of the most popular USB microphones for eLearning voice overs. It’s time to pick the best option for you based on your budget and specific voice over needs.

If you’re not committed to a USB microphone just yet, then you may want to select from the list of the best voice over microphones (I use one of the microphones on that list). If you want ease of use and decent microphone, then a USB microphone off this list may be the way to go.

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