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Phase 1: Pre-Development

The training paths here allow you to set-up the groundwork for your business. 

Discover the research you need to do before deciding on your online course topic.
Learn how to brand your business and attract more clients.
Decide on the tools to use and build your platform.
Master tactics for gaining leads with your lead magnet.
Discover how to get quick traffic to your site by leveraging the work of others.

Phase 2: Development

Create your course and the marketing material you need to sell it with the training in this path.

Learn all the steps to creating your digital training quickly.
Master the sales principles that will help you pull in profit from your sales page.
Learn how to structure of your email follow-up sequences for maximum impact.
Discover all the systems and processes required to launch your courses.

Phase 3: Growth

The training paths here will lead you to grow and scale your business. 

Collect feedback and incorporate it into future course improvements.
Use proven methods to improve your website and influence purchases.
Find actionable strategies for increasing your traffic.
Learn how to use content to grow your traffic and your sales.


Master tactics for getting and keeping high rankings in the search engines.
Discover ideas for implementing upsells to increase your revenue.
Brainstorm ideas for the creation of additional courses to boost revenues.
Discover how to increase revenues with additional offers and deals.

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