Premium training for starting and growing your online course business.

Change lives and make a profit.
Share your knowledge through online courses.


Choose from free and premium courses designed to help you make an impact.

A simple tip or a full-blown strategy incorporated into your online course can be the spark that enables someone to transform their life. Course Method exists to inspire you to share your message with the world and help you make a difference.

The power of digital training.

The internet changed how we educate people. It’s not about an assembly-line education. Online courses can make the learning process more engaging and drive more success. Learn how to create and market effective online training.

Online learning the way you need it.

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Get the training you need at the exact time you need it. We don’t offer one giant course for thousands of dollars. Select only what you need right now and pay only for that training.

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No one wants to sit through 20 minutes of a video with lots of unnecessary filler. Every training segment is highly edited and kept well under 5 minutes. Learn exactly what you need to move your business forward.


Task Oriented

It's a waste of time to go through a course without gaining any movement in your business. Our courses are designed so you learn your next task. Then you complete the task. Action plans are included.