Visme Review: What is Visme?

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Visme is a tool offering the ability to create presentations, infographics, and other visual content.


Who Visme is For:

If you need to create presentations, infographics, or just about any other type of visual content, then you may want to look into Visme. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps you create visuals online.

Skill Level:

I recently used Visme to create tables with data and it was very easy. This tool offers drag-and-drop capabilities with lots of templates and icons to help you create professional presentations and graphics.


Visme is deployed online. You’ll access this tool online from your account.

Special Features:

If you’re using Visme to create presentations, you’ll create one slide at a time. However, you can create custom layout templates for re-use that make creating a slide show a much faster process. Visme offers 750+ templates, access to 300,000 photos, thousands of icons, and much more. Visme is a great tool, because you can create all your visual images right from within a single interface.


I’m having a hard time coming up with any disadvantages. Visme allows you to create beautiful images, charts, and presentations all from within your browser. Visme offers a free plan as well as reasonable paid plans, however the lower priced plans do come with limited projects. To get unlimited projects you will have to pay $39/month which may be seen as a steep price by many.

Detailed Features

✔ Charts✔ Templates✔ Share
✔ Maps✔ Library of photos✔ Download HTML5
✔ Video✔ Icons✔ Publish online
✔ Audio✔ Infographic templates✔ Slide library
✔ Fonts

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $0/month for the Basic version. You get up to 5 projects, 100 MB storage, limited templates, can download as JPG, access to some charts and widgets, as well as public projects.

Advanced Plans: $39/month for the Complete plan which includes everything in Standard plus unlimited projects, 10 GB storage, download as HTML5, slide library, privacy controls, collect and store leads, organize with folders, brand kit, and ability to record audio.

Annual Savings: The Complete plan is $25/month if billed annually instead of $39/month.

Trial Option: Visme offers a Basic version which is completely free. You can take it for a test drive as long as you want.

Free Version: There is a free version of Visme called the Basic version which allows you to store up to 5 projects.

Guarantee: There is no money back guarantee, but you can try out their free Basic plan first to see if it meets your needs.

Customer Support

Training: Knowledge base articles and videos.
Support: Email ticket system.

Company Details

Founded in: 2013 by Payman Taei
Headquarters: Maryland, USA

Competing Tools

If you’re looking for a tool to create presentations then alternatives are PowerPoint or Prezi. Visme also has image capabilities and if you’re using it for that feature than Canva is an option.

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Lisa Parmley

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