What is Prezi Online?

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Make engaging, effective visuals presentations with Prezi. This tool comes with a ton of unique presentation templates to help you get started.


Who Prezi is For:

Prezi is for people who want to make amazing presentations without the need for design skills. It’s also for those who want a unique PowerPoint alternative. You can make an engaging Prezi without ever even considering the use of bullet points.

Skill Level:

Prezi is kind of difficult to use. It’s tough to figure out how it works initially because it is different. You’ll probably want to start with a template and try to map out the main points of your presentation before you get going.


With Prezi, there’s nothing to download, you’ll access the application entirely online.

Special Features:

Prezi allows you to set-up your presentation from a bird’s eye view. As you click through your presentation, you’ll end up narrowing down your topic. It really is a unique tool. Nothing else has that built-in ability to go from broad to narrow and visualize it. Prezi also comes with many templates to help you get started.


The constant zooming in and out might give some viewers a little motion sickness. I like how you can go from a bird’s eye view of your presentation to more specific details, but some people will complain about the effect.

Detailed Features

✔ Charts✔ Templates✔ Mobility
✔ Smart branding✔ Re-use✔ Analytics
✔ Visual library✔ PowerPoint✔ No slides
✔ Icons✔ Story blocks✔ Open canvas
✔ Presenter tools✔ Zoom reveal

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $7/month (billed annually) for the Standard plan which is geared toward personal use. Get unlimited presentations, privacy controls, share links, and images/backgrounds/icons. In addition, you’ll also have access to advanced image editing, enhanced story blocks, and the PowerPoint converter.

Advanced Plans: $59/month billed annually for the Premium (geared toward business professionals). Get everything in Standard plan plus smart branding, offline access, portable presentation, and presenter view. In addition, get the ability to add a voice-over, export to PDF, video upload storage, Prezi analytics, advanced online training, and phone support.

Annual Savings: All Prezi plans come with annual billing. I don’t see a way to purchase it for a monthly fee.

Trial Option: 14-day free trial with credit card.

Free Version: Prezi offers a free version called the Basic version.

Guarantee: There’s no money-back guarantee, but you can try out any version for 14-days before paying anything.

Customer Support

Training: Knowledge base articles and videos.
Support: Email, chat, phone support, and community forum.

Company Details

Founded in: 2009 by Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, and Peter Arvai
Headquarters: California, USA

Competing Tools

PowerPoint is a direct competitor of Prezi. In addition, check into Visme and Haiku Deck if you’d like to look into other presentation tools.

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