Spiffy (Formerly GoSpiffy) for Infusionsoft Order Forms

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Spiffy (orginally called Gospiffy) allows you to upgrade the default Infusionsoft order forms and shopping carts by providing you the ability to add-on mobile responsive, easy to customize order forms.


Who is Spiffy For?

Spiffy is for Infusionsoft users who are looking for a way to maximize their Infusionsoft order form and shopping cart conversion rates.

Skill Level:

Spiffy is very easy to use. You don’t need to know any coding to use it. This tool allows you to make beautiful order forms and add enhancements to your Infusionsoft shopping cart very quickly and easily.


Once you purchase Spiffy, you’ll gain access to an account area accessible online. You can create Infusionsoft order forms and update Infusionsoft shopping cart checkout pages all from within that account. Once you’ve a form built just the way you want, you’ll need to head over to Infusionsoft and drop in a line or two of code you copy and paste from Spiffy.

Special Features:

There really isn’t anything else like this tool available. An alternative to using it would be to hire an Infusionsoft consultant to help you make the upgrades you want to your Infusionsoft forms and shopping cart pages. With Spiffy you can rest assured that if anything changes with Infusionsoft, they’ll upgrade their add-on so everything still looks great and works well for your customers.


I don’t like having to pay a monthly recurring fee to have my Infusionsoft forms convert better and be mobile responsive. I think Infusionsoft should do this on their end, but that’s definitely not Spiffy’s fault. They’re just monetizing something Infusionsoft users need and they do a great job with it. I really don’t see any disadvantages of Spiffy itself. It works well and does what you need it to do.

Detailed Features

✔ Icon & Title✔ Link to Disclaimers✔ Drag and drop
✔ Auto-recognize credit card type✔ Mobile responsive✔ Headline & text blocks
✔ Payment option buttons✔ No API integration✔ Images/Logo
✔ Auto-fill shipping✔ Form fields optimized✔ Bullet points
✔ Secure transaction notice✔ Bonus snippets✔ Videos
✔ Single-column layout✔ Guarantee badges✔ Bullet points
✔ Add urgency✔ Testimonials

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $50/month gets you unlimited order forms and page loads.

Advanced Plans: There’s only one plan which is $50/month.

Annual Savings: The $50/month plan is $37/month if you pay yearly. That means you save 26% or get 3 months free by paying yearly.

Trial Option: There is no trial option for this tool.

Free Version: There is no free version of this tool.

Guarantee: They offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Training: Online tutorials and articles.
Support: Email support

Company Details

Founded by: Greg Hickman

Competing Tools

SamCart is a competing tool that offers more features than Spiffy. It’s also more expensive. In addition, paying a consultant to update your order forms is also an option. If you do that, you’ll likely pay a more expensive up-front fee and then not have the Spiffy monthly fee. However, if Infusionsoft order forms or shopping carts change in the future, you may need to pay your consultant again to upgrade your forms. You’ll have to look around and see which is more cost effective.

Lisa Parmley
Lisa Parmley

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