SiteGround Hosting Offers a Variety of Options

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SiteGround is a popular, mid-range hosting provider with a lot of options including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, high performance WooCommerce hosting, and scalable cloud hosting. In addition, they also offer Enterprise hosting and dedicated servers.


Who SiteGround is For:

SiteGround is a hosting provider that can really grow with you. While their least inexpensive plans are still higher than Bluehost, they’re still manageable with almost any budget.  The nice thing about SiteGround is that they offer high-end plans that you can grow into if you need them. While most LearnDash and LifterLMS users will choose a higher end managed WordPress host, I haven’t heard complaints about using SiteGround to run a WordPress LMS plugin. If your online course starts to get high levels of traffic, you may need to investigate other alternatives, but you could give this hosting provider a go to start.

Skill Level:

The shared hosting SiteGround dashboard is difficult to navigate. I had a little trouble with it which probably means a beginner will struggle. It’s definitely not intuitive. It’s also very cluttered which makes it more difficult to navigate. I think you can get over this though for the low prices and stable hosting, but I can’t say it’s easy to use. You may find yourself asking for help from their support, which was fairly responsive (it took a few hours to get a reply back so it definitely wasn’t instantaneous).


You’ll need to login to your SiteGround account online. The cluttered feel of the shared hosting plan would make me stay away from trying to login from a mobile phone, but it worked out fine from my laptop and desktop.

Special Features:

I really don’t see any special features other than the price. It’s a good hosting provider, but not really my top choice. I’d put it at a mid-range host which means you’ll likely see better up-times and faster sites than on Bluehost. I’ve only used a SiteGround shared hosting account. I’m sure their dedicated servers are great as there are many businesses using SiteGround. I have also not tried their WordPress hosting plans.


I’m referring to SiteGround a mid-range host, but a lot of people would consider it a budget host. It may be one of the best budget hosts around so I’ve bumped it up. If you’re running a complex system with your own course platform, then SiteGround may not cut it.

When it comes to a WordPress LMS plugin your site’s performance will be impacted most by the content on your site and the number of simultaneous users. So even though your site may run with SiteGround, as you increase the number of simultaneous users, you may need to switch hosts or at least upgrade significantly within their plans. It’s a great place to start though and should take you far on a budget.

Detailed Features

✔ Free SSL/HTTPS✔ 1 Site✔ 1 Site
✔ Free email accounts✔ 10 GB web space✔ 10 GB web space
✔ Free Cloudflare CDN✔ 10,000 monthly visits✔ 10,000 monthly visits
✔ Free daily back-ups✔ Free site builder✔ Free WordPress install
✔ Free WordPress migrator
✔ WordPress autoupdates

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $3.95/month if paid yearly.

Advanced Plans: $729/month for a super power dedicated server.

Annual Savings: Some of the less expensive plans are only offered with a yearly fee. I’ve not seen a way to pay yearly for the more expensive plans.

Trial Option: There is no SiteGround trial hosting option available.

Free Version: All SiteGround hosting plans are paid, there is no free option.

Guarantee: SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee on shared hosting plans and a 15-day money back guarantee for cloud hosting plans.

Customer Support

Training: Detailed knowledge base articles.
Support: Phone, chat, ticket.

Company Details

Founded in: 2004
Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria

Competing Tools

SiteGround is a good, all around hosting provider. Liquid Web is another hosting provider you may want to take a look at. It is more expensive, but offers just about every type of hosting there is.

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