PowerPoint Review: Is it the Best Tool For Creating Online Courses?

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PowerPoint allows you to create slide show presentations with the original presentation software. PowerPoint is very intuitive and allows you to add in images, text, videos, animations, and anything else very effortlessly.


Who PowerPoint is For:

PowerPoint is for course creators who want to create slide show style videos for their courses or marketing materials. With a little creativity, you can use PowerPoint to make amazing presentations.

Skill Level:

PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products so it’s familiar to most. However, with PowerPoint, you’ll be faced with a blank template. If you want your presentations to stand out, you need to be more creative. So it can be difficult to design a good presentation with this tool. I’ve found that most of the paid templates are too flashy so I usually design my own. This can be very time consuming so do expect to spend time learning how to use this tool effectively. You’ll likely need to refer back to PowerPoint tutorials as you work your way through all the tools.


PowerPoint comes bundled with Microsoft Office 365. Once it’s installed, you launch it from your computer and work with it from your screen.

Special Features:

With PowerPoint the sky’s the limit when it comes to your presentation. Add in complex animations to create just about anything. There really isn’t anything you can’t do.

I really like the ability to insert an image and then use a text overlay. The end result won’t look like the traditional slide show and it’s very easy to accomplish this effect.


Since you start with a blank template, it can be difficult to figure out the design elements of your presentation. Often, I’ll review other slide shows and try to model a template from those I like. All this takes time. In addition, it’s easy to get carried away with all the features PowerPoint offers. Less is usually more when it comes to your presentations.

Detailed Features

✔ Rich animation✔ Notes✔ Import images
✔ Cinematic motion✔ Templates✔ Text styles
✔ 3D models✔ Designer ✔ Overlay text
✔ Icons✔ Slide hyperlinking✔ Image transparency
✔ Shapes✔ Embed charts✔ Zoom
✔ Highlighter

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $69.99 per year (or $6.99/month) for Office 365 Personal which includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneDrive, and Skype. You can install Office 365 for one user on a PC or Mac.

Advanced Plans: $149.99 Office Home and Student which is a one-time purchase. You’ll get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with this plan.

Annual Savings: You save 16% with an annual subscription.

Trial Option: You can try it out for one month free with a credit card.

Free Version: There is no free version of this application. You can try it out with a credit card.

Guarantee: There is no money back guarantee, but you can try it for free with their trial option.

Customer Support

Training: Knowledge base articles.
Support: Email ticket system.

Company Details

Founded in: 1987 by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin
Headquarters: Washington, USA

Competing Tools

There are a number of PowerPoint alternatives, including Prezi, Visme, and even Powtoon.

Lisa Parmley
Lisa Parmley

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