What is Haiku Deck?

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Haiku Deck allows you to create presentations quickly and easily. This tool allows you to create from your iPad, iPhone, or on the web so it’s a very mobile solution.


Who Haiku Deck is For:

The ideal Haiku Deck user is someone who needs to create a presentation and wants to use simple templates to get their message across and help short-cut their time.

Skill Level:

Haiku Deck claims they are the easiest way to make a presentation. Using their drag-and-drop interface, they do offer an easy to use software along with templates for creating presentations.


The application is deployed completely online. You’ll login to your account area to access the application.

Special Features:

Haiku Deck keeps the focus on simple, clear presentations. You can start with a template and gain access to over 40 million images. This application helps you keep your presentation simple and keep the focus on images rather than cluttering up your slides with too much text. In addition, you can use it on the go which is a big selling point for a lot of its users.


I like that Haiku Deck keeps your presentation simple, but not all of the templates have well planned design elements (especially between the slides). A lot of the templates seem more like a collection of nice slides thrown together. You can definitely use this tool without using their templates. You can create your own templates or alter their templates so they have similar design elements within them.

Detailed Features

✔ Unlimited decks✔ YouTube embed✔ Download files
✔ PowerPoint image✔ Custom branding✔ Privacy controls
✔ Fast creation✔ Live web playback✔ Add audio
✔ Templates✔ Fast and easy✔ Analytics

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $19.99/month for the Pro plan. Pro includes all Basic plan features along with unlimited deck creation, downloadable files, and privacy control. In addition, with Pro you can add audio narration, custom branding, PowerPoint image search add-in, and more.

Advanced Plans: $359.88 billed annually for the Premium plan which includes all the Pro features plus analytics and lead tracking, presentation view notifications, live web playback, and priority technical support.

Annual Savings: You’ll save about 50% if you choose an annual plan. The Pro plan is $119.98 or $9.99/month yearly. It’s $19.99 with a monthly plan. The Premium plan only seems to be offered annually.

Trial Option: 7-day free trial of Pro and Premium. There is also a free trial for Haiku Deck Zuru.

Free Version: There is no free version. They only offer paid versions of this tool.

Guarantee: There is no money back guarantee with Haiku Deck, however, you can try out the paid plans before you purchase them.

Customer Support

Training: User guide videos and articles.
Support: Email ticket system.

Company Details

Founded in: 2010 by Adam Tratt
Headquarters: Seattle, USA

Competing Tools

Competitors of Haiku Deck include PowerPoint, Visme, and Prezi. All these tools are geared toward the creation of slide show presentations.

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