How Ryan Stewman Went From $38K/Year Working in Sales to $10 Million/Year by Teaching Sales Online

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Who are you and what course have you created?

I am Ryan Stewman – Entrepreneur, Multimillionaire Mentor, and Author. Creator of the G Code and leader of APEX Movement.

There is no other program on the planet like this. We’ve outlined the strategies, tactics, and processes in this course. You’ll be able to have high-level conversations with prospects once you go through Show Up and Close 2.0.

Ask powerful questions that reveal their big hairy problems. Stack solutions they won’t get from anyone else. Show them how to choose YOU to WORK with 10 out of 10 times.

What market does your online course serve?

It serves the sales market and it’s the Bible of Sales. It’s a program that has transformed 6-figure sales pros into business owners, 9-figure investors, and titans in business. It’s not just a course, it’s a movement. The program will teach you how to close sales in a way that’s not slick or pushy. You need to be confident in what you’re offering and know how to guide the customer to the decision that’s best for them. It’s a program that will help you overcome objections, handle rejection, and become a master at guiding the customer to a yes. If you’re serious about closing more sales and taking your income to the next level, then it’s time to Show Up and Close with my proven digital sales program.

Ryan Stewman's siteWhat’s the biggest benefit of taking your course?

It’s simple, it’s going to teach you how to close sales like a pro. Closing sales isn’t about being slick or pushy, it’s about being confident in what you’re offering and knowing how to guide the customer to the decision that’s best for them. That’s what you’ll learn in my Show Up and Close program.

You’ll learn the strategies and techniques that top closers use to consistently crush their sales goals through video training. You’ll learn how to overcome objections, handle rejection, and become a master at guiding the customer to a yes. Bottom line, if you’re serious about closing more sales and taking your income to the next level, then it’s time to Show Up and Close with my proven digital sales program. It’s a no-brainer.

How did you get into the market?

I saw a need for it. Today’s consumer is not the same as they were even a year ago. Their attention spans are shorter, there are more offers, opportunities, and choices available to them, and competition has flooded social media sites. As a sales rep, it’s an emotional, spiritual, and physical battle encountered every single day.

It’s a grind day in and day out and eventually, we lose interest and stop chasing. This affects our performance and puts you at the bottom of the list in sales. And now, we’re left prospecting with commission breath and the scent of desperation. The client can see us coming a mile away and we start to lose faith in our product and eventually, ourselves. Each time this happens, we lose a little of that spark we had when we first launched our sales careers. That’s why I created Show Up and Close, to teach sales reps how to be a gorilla in conversations and show you how to follow up like a titan. It’s a game-changer.

Why did you decide to create an online course in the first place?

I’ve been in the sales game for a long time and I know what works and what doesn’t. Since 2005, I’ve hired sales mentors like Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Tom Hopkins, and all the other legends. I’ve paid for and attended all of the seminars and conventions. I read 100s of books on sales psychology and closing clients. I’ve dug deep into sales in search of ultimate mastery. I was looking for the perfect pitch, the perfect offer, the perfect call to action, and the perfect rebuttals.

I had it in my mind that there was some holy grail of a sales process that I was bound to eventually discover. But the truth is, I was distracted by the Force of Average. Sales isn’t complicated and you don’t need to know anything about psychology or tonality in order to be good at it. But spending our lives studying sales keeps us from leveling up to self-employed, CEO, and investor.

So, I created the Show Up and Close 2.0 online course, so that anyone who wants to be in sales only has one course to take to be able to rival even me in the Sales field. You gotta learn sales, and use it as a skill set to level up. Then move on to learning other skills like Marketing, Hiring, Training, Leading, Brand building, and Investing. There are more skills to master than just sales. The longer you chase the imaginary sales dragon the less time you have to master the other skills on the path to wealth and success. This course will give you all the tools you need to close sales like a pro.

Did you have any moments of doubt before you created/launched it?

Of course, I did. But let me tell you, it’s all about perspective. A few months ago, I went into a studio and re-recorded my first-ever sales training product, Show Up and Close. I recorded this program 10 years ago and it was time for an upgrade. I asked Drewbie and Zach to come and record some of the videos with me. Truth is, they have both sold more where they are in their online career now than I had when I made the first version of the program. When Zach recorded his intro, he mentioned his whole career started by watching this program. Then, when Drewbie did his intro, he said the same thing. They didn’t even hear each other’s intros.

Now, 10 years later, they are the ones in the videos giving the lessons. That’s cool as hell to me, to lead leaders who are now building up future leaders with them. These guys started from scratch and now are the leaders in the game. If I hadn’t figured out how to create an online program 10 years ago, no telling what the 3 of us would be doing. So, I had my moments of doubt, but I didn’t let that stop me from creating something that’s not only changed my life but changed the lives of countless others. That’s why I always tell my students, don’t let doubt hold them back, because you never know what kind of impact you can make.

Ryan Stewman's site

What’s your online course like?

It’s a comprehensive sales training program that consists of 5 training modules and 1 bonus module. It includes 30 sales videos that are a combination of live-action and PowerPoint presentations. Each module is designed to teach you the strategies and techniques that top closers use to consistently crush their sales goals. You’ll learn how to overcome objections, handle rejection, and become a master at guiding the customer to a yes. It’s a program that will give you the tools you need to close sales like a pro.

How long did it take you to create your course?

As for how long it took me to create the course, it took me a while. In 2013, I created my first-ever sales training product, Show Up and Close. I’ve sold over $2M in copies of it over the years. Up until 2022, we sold it for one payment of $497. But, I decided it was time for an upgrade and that’s how Show Up and Close 2.0 was born. It’s the first digital program I’ve made in 5 years and the first sales training I’ve created in 11 years. It’s been a long journey but I’m proud of the end result and it’s been worth every minute.

Tell us a little about the process of launching your course and getting your first sale(s).

Launching my course, Show Up and Close 2.0, was a journey that started back in 2004. I was a young sales rep working for a small broker in Dallas, Texas, and I was determined to master the art of sales. I hired the Zig Ziglar corporation to teach me to be better at sales, paying $1000 or so a month to keep on top of the latest sales tactics.

Back then, learning from a corporate trainer was the only way outside of books. I went to all the seminars, read all the books, joined all the programs, and listened to all the podcasts. I was on a seeming lifelong journey to perfect my sales pitch, process, and closing procedures.

In 2010, the internet was wide open and I spent every extra hour I had learned all I could. Then in 2013, it finally clicked for me and I knew I had my mind wrapped around the perfect sales process. I put this process to work and became known as the Hardcore Closer because my process closed one call closes as easily as selling drugs to an addict.

I knew I had my hands on the best sales process that has ever existed, and I wanted to teach the world this process. So in 2014, I recorded a Sales Training Digital Product called Show Up and Close. It went on to sell $2,000,000 worth of programs. People still DM me daily telling me how this program changed their life.

But that was a long, long time ago though, and sales haven’t really changed, but the production value of digital products has. That’s why I decided to remaster Show Up and Close 2.0 and re-create the entire program with updated follow-ups, new technology, and way better video production.

When it came time to launch Show Up and Close 2.0, I knew that I had to put in the work to make sure it was the best it could be. I spent months recording, editing, and perfecting the videos to make sure that the content was top-notch. Then, I reached out to my network of sales professionals and got them to test the program and give me feedback. I also spent a lot of time on the marketing and promotion side of things, reaching out to my audience and building buzz around the launch.

When it came time to actually launch the program, I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. But as soon as the first sale came in, I knew that all the hard work had paid off. From there, the sales continued to roll in and I knew that I had created something truly special.

To this day, I still get messages from people who have taken the course and seen real results in their sales numbers. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that I’ve been able to help so many people achieve their sales goals and change their lives for the better.

Do you have a lead magnet?

Yes. We did send out a newsletter that has content that drives awareness but also provides information that helps a potential customer engage and find interest in the online course.

What’s the traffic strategy that works best for you?

When it comes to traffic, I ain't playing around. I make sure that I've got a diverse strategy in place so that I'm not relying on just one source. - Ryan Stewman Click To Tweet

That’s why I’m all over social media, promoting my content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve also got several online community Facebook groups where my target audience hangs out, and I make sure to engage with them regularly.

But that’s not all. I also run webinars, podcasts, and guest posts on other websites to drive more traffic to my course. And let me tell you, it’s working out great. With this multi-channel approach, I’m able to reach more people, generate more leads, and ultimately sell more of my online course.

So if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your online course, make sure you’re not relying on just one source. Instead, try out a variety of different strategies and see what works best for you. And remember, consistency is key. Keep at it, and you’ll be sure to see the results.

Ryan Stewman's site

What online course platform are you using?

The online course platform I use is Kajabi.

Do you like it?


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*Our content is reader supported, which means when you buy from links you click on, we may earn a commission.

Are there any features you wish it had?

I wish it could embed YouTube content directly.

What made you decide to use your chosen platform over others?

Because it creates an entire marketing funnel—from the landing page and opt-ins to emails and course checkout—with just a few clicks.

What other tools do you use to run your online course business?

I also use Keap for customer management.

What books or training programs have you found useful on your journey to a successful business owner that others might find valuable too?

As a sales and entrepreneurship expert, I’ve learned that there are 4 levels to building a successful business and 8 skills that you must master to achieve them. The first level is Sales and Marketing, which is where you need to start. Once you master those, you can start your own business. The second level is Self Employed, where you need to learn how to hire and train employees because you can’t scale a business by yourself. The third level is CEO, where you need to master leadership and branding. And the fourth level is Investor, where you need to learn tax planning and investing to multiply your capital.

I’ve been through these levels and have successfully scaled my business from 5 to 8 figures annually, and it changed everything about my life. And now, I’m offering you the chance to learn how to do exactly what I did and take your business from where you are, to where you want to go financially.

Do you have any big mistakes you’ve made along the way that you’d be willing to share?

Listen, I ain’t one to sugarcoat things. I’ve made some big mistakes in my life, and I ain’t ashamed to admit it. I was angry at myself for years. I’d messed up so many times, it was embarrassing. I had secrets I was hiding, drug use, prison, adoption, divorce, you name it. On the outside, I seemed like a happy dude with my shit together, but on the inside, I was a mess.

I was hiding my past and it was weighing heavy on me. It was holding me back from building real relationships, with friends, employers, wives, business partners, and family. I didn’t like myself, so how could anyone else? But one day, I decided enough was enough. I owned my past, wrote a book about it, and went on several podcasts talking about it.

And you know what? A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. People reached out to me and told me that they had gone through similar things. I wasn’t alone. This helped me to not only own my past but to love myself too. I realized that I couldn’t get rid of myself, so I might as well learn to love myself. And that’s what I did. I worked on my future and loved myself. The more I worked on my future, the more it spoke over my past losses. And that’s the key, folks.

Own your shit, outwork your shit, love yourself, and be vulnerable with those you love. That’s the winning combo. Now, I wouldn’t trade who I am for anyone, and I wouldn’t trade my friends and family of choice for anyone. I love my life, I love my family, I love my friends, but most of all, I finally love Ryan Stewman. And that’s the real deal.

Please share some idea of revenue.

My personal income is 8 figures annually. My net worth is still hard for me to believe. I got here all from sales. Without sales, I would not be where I am today.

My first big year making money was back in 2005. It was not quite 7 figures, but close enough ($775k) My first full year in sales I made $38k (2002).

This means I went from $38k per year in 2002 to over $10M per year in 2022. Twenty years of doing the work got me here. - Ryan Stewman Click To Tweet

Some of the work sucked.

Some of the work was the wrong work.

And some of the work I didn’t want to do

Some of the work, worked!

Ryan Stewman's site

Please tell us a little about what the money you’ve earned from your course has done for you.

This year I signed my name on a lot of lines.

  • Office building
  • Rent houses
  • Cars
  • Jet leases
  • New business agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Movie deal
  • Ranch

About this time last year, Amy told me to stop investing in other projects, and only invest in myself.

She affirmed that no one works harder and cares about MY money than me. For example, in 2021 I invested $200k for a $50k ROI in 15 months.


In my world I could throw $200k in Facebook ads and make $50k a day.

But I was so focused on investing for passive income that I wasn’t focused on investing in myself.

As I look back on 2022 the best advice any one gave me, came from my wife. Thanks to her faith in me, and my faith in God’s blessings on my hard work, this was not only our best year financially, the investments I made in myself worked out better than any deals I’ve done with others.

I didn’t raise money or syndicate.

I took low-LTV institutional loans

This year I wrote multiple 7 figure checks to bet on myself and it all worked out better than expected.

It’s amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself.

What has creating your course done for you personally?

In every job or position I’ve had, I’ve set records in sales. I hold the record for the most car washes in one day and still hold that title.

Closed millions in mortgage and real estate transactions.

Sold and closed millions in coaching, digital products, syndicate deals, software, and live events, and still hold that record today.

I’ve worked with, coached, and trained top performers from various industries including Music, TV, Pro Sports, multi-million dollar business owners, top social media influencers, and entrepreneurs.

It’s worked for me, worked for them, and it will work for you.

Do you have a story of a transformation from any of your clients?

As a coach and mentor, it’s always fulfilling to see my clients succeed and grow. One of my top salesmen, Zach, is a prime example of this. He started as a 19-year-old intern and now, at 21, he’s a multi-million dollar producer with multiple businesses and investments.

He grew up in Dallas and had been following my work for a while. His dad was a client of mine and one day, during a Zoom call, I offered him an internship with my company. He worked hard and quickly moved up the ranks, going through the same training we teach in Apex and learning the ropes of sales and marketing. After just 6 months, he hit his first big month and things really started to click for him.

He gained the confidence and swagger he needed to sell our program and make sure his clients were getting the results they needed. Now, he’s on his 22nd month with me and is consistently hitting top producer months.

What advice do you have for people just starting out?

I built 4, yes 4 businesses that do 7-8 figures annually with zero investments, zero banks, zero affiliates, and did it the hard way. I did it that way to learn and to accomplish success in the hardest way possible. The steps it took for me to make this happen:

  1. I mastered sales
  2. I mastered marketing
  3. I mastered hiring
  4. I mastered branding
  5. I mastered leadership

These are the non-negotiable skills you’ll have to master in order to permanently keep your foothold on success.

Learn more about Ryan Stewman of

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