How Dinah Lilia Mourise Started a Security Training Company to Keep Children Safe

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Who are you and what digital training company have you created?

My name is Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise, Founder and VP of OEIS Protection.

A world where safety isn’t just a word but a way of life. We’ve been on a mission to turn that vision into reality. With a rock-solid foundation of expertise cutting across various sectors, we’re redefining security and setting new standards.

What market does your digital training serve?

Our digital training serves a diverse audience. This includes security professionals, corporate entities keen on safeguarding their interests, government agencies focusing on national security, legal and compliance experts needing insights into security laws, students pursuing relevant studies, NGOs combating human rights violations, business owners aiming to protect their ventures, healthcare and social services professionals concerned about security, international development organizations operating in challenging environments, and the general public seeking personal safety and crime prevention education. Our courses offer crucial skills and knowledge applicable to various sectors, empowering individuals to contribute to a safer, more secure world.

We are also honored to collaborate with the LILIA REDEMPTION FOUNDATION for our emergency response services. The primary goal is to end Human Trafficking in children across the globe. OEIS, along with the LILIA REDEMPTION FOUNDATION are planning, together, to open 10 new 5000 square feet education and rescue centers in Canada and in ten countries that are heavily affected by this issue.

What’s the biggest benefit of taking your online courses?

The biggest benefit of our courses is they provide students from all parts of the world with a path to an interesting and rewarding career. Students may find themselves protecting a company’s property against theft, performing searches, making arrests; work undercover in department stores, leading an organization’s fire brigade, rendering first-aid or being a hotel Detective. The possibilities are endless. Our custom courses are always sold at a discount, because we are constantly hiring and need skilled workers to keep up with our contracts. Additionally, for open roles at OEIS priority is given to graduates from OEIS School.

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How did you get into the market?

When I was a child I traveled to places like Egypt, Israel, Dubai, England and Lebanon with my father who was an international trader. This exposed me to different corners of the world, some darker than others. I became aware of the widespread problem of human and organ trafficking, especially in children.

Since I was born it has always been in my nature to help others, however I can. I entered the market of protection and security to help fight child trafficking around the world and create something that would teach others how to identify human trafficking and fear.

Why did you decide to create a digital training company?

In a crusade against the harrowing forces of child exploitation, human trafficking, and the gruesome trade of organs that plague our world, my objective was to construct an empire of security forces. I aimed to impart extensive training to an army of individuals, amplifying our reach, rescuing countless innocent lives, and fortifying the defense against these abhorrent crimes.

In grim determination, I have achieved this very aspiration. An empire has emerged, fortified and vigilant, with an expanding legion of trained individuals poised to combat the darkness that preys on the vulnerable. We stand united, having already made significant strides in our mission to rescue and protect. Yet, our resolve remains unyielding, our sights set on a future where the chains of oppression are shattered, and the innocent are shielded from the abyss.

Did you have any moments of doubt before you launched your training company?

Doubt never lingered in my mind prior to the inception of my company. My confidence and unwavering passion for the cause we championed were steadfast, anchoring my belief that failure was not an option. I am the kind of individual unafraid to confront the inferno, even if it means risking the searing flames for what I believe in.

What are your online courses like?

Our online courses are meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging learning experience in the realms of security, protection and investigation.

Our courses feature a mix of video content, including both live-action presentations and informative PowerPoint presentations. They provide a dynamic and immersive experience, bringing real-world scenarios to life.

The typical video duration varies based on the specific topic and complexity. On average, live-action videos range from 5 to 20 minutes, allowing for focused learning and easy digestion of the material. PowerPoint presentations often run between 10 to 30 minutes, ensuring a thorough coverage of the topic.

In addition to video content, our courses incorporate written materials such as informative articles, case studies, and downloadable resources. These resources provide in-depth knowledge and complement the video content.

All of our courses are enriched with interactive quizzes at the end of each module or topic. These quizzes comprise multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, and scenario-based questions, encouraging active participation and self-assessment.

Eventually, course durations vary depending on the subject matter and depth of coverage. Courses are structured to offer a balance between comprehensive understanding and practical applicability. Some introductory courses may last around 4 to 6 hours, while more advanced courses can extend to 15 to 20 hours of learning.

In summary, our online courses blend video presentations (live-action and PowerPoint) with textual resources and interactive quizzes to deliver a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. The duration and format of the videos are thoughtfully curated to optimize understanding and retention of critical security and investigation concepts.

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How long does it take you or your team to create a new course?

Creating a new course at OEIS is a well-orchestrated process that involves a collaborative effort from our dedicated team of experts. The timeline for course development varies depending on the course’s complexity and depth, but here’s an overview of our typical process:

We begin the process by brainstorming and identifying the course’s objectives, target audience, learning outcomes, and overall structure. Then, we define the scope and map out a preliminary curriculum. Finally, we create a detailed content outline, breaking the course into modules or sections. Each section is thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy and relevance to the subject matter.

Depending on the type of video content planned, our team works on scripting the video narration or planning the content for PowerPoint presentations. We often use storyboarding techniques to visualize the flow of the course.

For example, we either have an in-house team or collaborate with external professionals to handle video production for live-action videos. Since OEIS does not use third-party contributors, it makes it easier and more flexible to maneuver. This includes filming, editing, and adding any necessary visual effects.

Simultaneously, our team, which includes subject matter experts and instructional designers, works on developing written content, supplementary materials, and interactive quizzes.

The video content, written materials, quizzes, and other resources are integrated into a cohesive course structure. This draft is then reviewed internally for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with the course objectives.

The most important is “testing” our products prior to exposure to the public. We select a group of individuals, often internal staff, or a pilot group, who go through the course to provide feedback on the content, usability, and overall learning experience. We use this feedback to make necessary revisions and improvements.

Finally, after incorporating feedback and making final adjustments, the course is polished, finalized, and prepared for launch on our platform. This includes setting up the course on the learning management system and ensuring it’s ready for enrollment.

The timeline for this entire process can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the course’s complexity and length.

Tell us a little about the process of launching your first course and getting your first enrollment(s).

Launching our first course at OEIS was a thrilling process:

We commenced by conducting market research to identify needs, shaping our inaugural course. We outlined course content and learning objectives and developed engaging content and set up a user-friendly platform. Most importantly, we leveraged marketing channels and partnerships to reach potential students. We also offered early-bird promotions and discounts to encourage early enrollments. Conducted webinars and Q&A sessions to engage with our audience. Another crucial point we took is to celebrate the first enrollees and gather valuable feedback for course improvement.

This launch marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for our continued growth and mission to provide top-notch education in security and investigation.

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Do you have a lead magnet?

Yes, at OEIS, we’ve implemented lead magnets as part of our marketing strategy to attract potential learners and drive course sales. Our primary lead magnet is a free downloadable PDF guide titled “10 Essential Tips for Securing Your Environment.” This guide offers valuable insights and actionable tips related to security measures, piquing the interest of our target audience.

Interested individuals can access the free PDF guide by providing their email address. This not only adds them to our mailing list but also grants them immediate access to insightful content.

Subsequently, we nurture these leads through targeted email campaigns, sharing educational content, success stories, and highlights of our courses. This engagement helps to build trust and maintain their interest in our offerings.

In our email sequences, we strategically introduce our courses, emphasizing how they can further benefit from our comprehensive online training programs. Special discounts or trial offers for the courses are often provided to incentivize enrollment.

Over the years, our lead magnet has proven to be effective in several ways.

The magnet has significantly increased our lead capture rate, grown our email list, and expanded our potential customer base. It provided valuable content through credibility and trust with our audience, enhancing the likelihood of them exploring our courses.

By nurturing these leads and showcasing the value of our courses, we’ve observed a notable increase in course enrollments and sales attributed to this strategy.

What’s the traffic strategy that works best for you?

Our traffic strategy involves a unique approach that combines targeted digital marketing efforts and strategic partnerships to maximize reach and engagement. We optimized our website for relevant keywords related to security training and investigation. This involved on-page optimization, creating valuable content, and obtaining high-quality backlinks to boost our search engine rankings.

We then created insightful and educational blog posts, articles, and guides related to security, investigation, and safety. This content not only provides value to our audience but also attracts organic traffic through search engines and social media shares.

We target platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to target specific demographics interested in security and investigation. We craft compelling ad campaigns showcasing the benefits of our courses and lead them to our website for more information.

Utilizing our email list, we regularly engage with our audience by sharing updates, educational content, and course offerings. Email campaigns include information about our lead magnet to encourage sign-ups and nurture them into potential customers.

We believe that Collaboration is one of the most important factors in growth. Collaborating with industry influencers, security organizations, and educational institutions to reach a wider audience, is key. These partnerships usually involve guest blog posts, joint webinars, or promotions, allowing us to tap into established communities and networks.

We also host educational webinars and online workshops related to security and investigation topics. These events not only showcase our expertise but also attract participants who are genuinely interested in learning more about our courses.

We constantly encourage our satisfied customers to refer friends, colleagues, or their networks to our courses. We offer incentives such as discounts or exclusive content to both the referrer and the new customer, expanding our reach through word-of-mouth.

What online course platform are you using?

We have developed our custom online course platform tailored to our specific needs and requirements. This custom-built platform allows us to have complete control over the user experience, course structure, design, and features, ensuring a seamless and efficient learning process for our students. By creating our own platform, we can constantly optimize and adapt it to the evolving needs of our learners and the security sector.

Dinah Lilia Mourise's site

Do you like it?

Yes, we’re quite pleased with our custom-built online course platform. It offers us the flexibility and control to design and tailor the learning experience to suit our unique educational approach and the needs of our students in the security sector. We can continuously enhance and optimize the platform based on user feedback, technological advancements, and the evolving landscape of online education. We need complete control at all times!

Are there any features you wish it had?

While our custom-built online course platform at OEIS serves us well and aligns with our specific needs, there are always opportunities for improvement and additional features that could enhance the overall learning experience. Some features we’ve already begun working on are.

Enhancement of data analytics to provide student performance, engagement, and course effectiveness. This could help us tailor our courses better and identify areas for improvement.

Incorporating interactive simulation modules that replicate real-life security situations, allowing students to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in a practical, safe environment.

Specific features that enable us to create personalized learning paths based on each student’s individual goals, background, and learning pace, optimizing their learning journey.

Although we have more than 150 Instructors worldwide, with different ethnicities, we want to expand our multi-language support, by providing multilingual support to cater to a more diverse audience, ensuring accessibility for students whose native language may not be English.

What made you decide to use your chosen platform over others?

Well, the decision was driven by several factors that align with our mission, goals, and the specific needs of our audience in the security sector:

A custom-built platform allows us to design a tailored learning experience that aligns precisely with the requirements and expectations of our students in the security and investigation field. We can create features and functionalities that cater to their unique learning journey.

Having a custom platform provides the flexibility to adapt and customize the user interface, course structure, design elements, and features to suit our branding, educational approach, and evolving needs. We can make quick adjustments based on feedback and changing industry demands.

Most importantly, we agreed that owning a custom platform gives us complete control over its development, maintenance, and upgrades. We can swiftly address any issues, implement enhancements, and optimize performance to ensure a seamless learning experience for our students.

Building our platform allows us to prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive student information is handled securely and in compliance with relevant privacy regulations. We can implement robust security measures tailored to our needs.

Our decision to use a custom platform aligns with our long-term vision and mission of providing top-notch security education. It allows us to continuously innovate and evolve our platform to meet the changing educational landscape and advancements in the security sector.

What other tools do you use to run your digital training business?

We use:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) for course and student management.
  • Adobe Creative Suite and Camtasia for multimedia content.
  • Mailchimp or HubSpot.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) like Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.
  • Video Platforms like Zoom
  • Google Analytics.
  • Project and Task Management Tools like Asana or Trello.
  • Payment Processing such as PayPal or Stripe.
  • Customer Support Softwares
  • Survey and Feedback Tools such as SurveyMonkey or Typeform.

What books or training programs have you found useful on your journey to a successful business owner that others might find valuable too?

I can recommend a valuable book and training program that I found useful in my entrepreneurial journey.

I found “Good to Great” Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins to be exceptionally interesting and engaging.

As for the Training Programs, two came to mind.

The Udemy: Business & Entrepreneurship Courses.

They host an array of courses on entrepreneurship, business strategy, and skills critical for business success, often led by industry experts.

And the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Online Learning.

They offer online courses covering essential business topics, insights, and best practices for business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Do you have any big mistakes you’ve made along the way that you’d be willing to share?

And who hasn’t made mistakes? We will never cease to make mistakes in business, no matter how successful we may be. And no, I don’t mind sharing.

On several reprises, between 1999 and today, we’ve had insufficient market research leading to a mismatch between our product and market needs. We’ve had poor financial management and cash flow tracking, resistance to adapting to market changes, inadequate marketing and promotion efforts, rapid scaling without sustainable resources, improper hiring, and team management practices, ignoring at times valuable customer feedback, relying too heavily on a single customer or client, failure to delegate tasks effectively, and overlooking legal and compliance requirements.

However, as we grew internationally, we became aware and rectified our errors. We grew to recognize them and act. Recognizing and learning from these mistakes guided us towards a more informed and successful business journey.

Please tell us a little about what the money you’ve earned from running your digital training company has done for you.

It can of course generate financial opportunities and outcomes.

For many entrepreneurs, it can provide personal financial freedom, manage living expenses, invest, save for retirement, and cover unforeseen circumstances more comfortably. Business Expansion has been the best investment. Our profitable earnings were reinvested to scale and expand the business, leading to a larger team of employees and a beautiful office space. However, one of the most admiring returns was to allow for contributions to community causes, charities, or initiatives that positively impact society.

The revenue that is produced from these online training courses goes towards aiding the Lilia Redemption Foundation and building orphanages for rescued children. The revenue also goes towards proper supplies to take care of the children at the orphanages.

Ultimately, any financial impact is shaped by the entrepreneur’s goals, strategies, and the success of the training venture.

In addition to revenue are there any numbers you would like to share?

First thing is first. Consistency.

Growing a substantial subscriber base on platforms like YouTube or a high number of email subscribers involves a strategic approach and consistent effort. Here are strategies for achieving rapid growth in subscribers:

For YouTube, we create high-quality, engaging videos that resonate with our target audience. Consistency is key, hence publishing videos regularly to maintain viewer interest, is paramount.

We constantly offer valuable, exclusive content or incentives like eBooks, webinars, or discounts to encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list.

We also optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords to increase visibility in search results. A call to action must always be “top priority.”

We regularly promote our videos across social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Share subscription links and landing pages on social media and run targeted ad campaigns to drive traffic to our sign-up forms. - Dinah Lilia… Click To Tweet

I talked about collaboration above as being one of the most important factors in business growth. We collaborate with other YouTubers or influencers in our niche to tap into their audience and gain new subscribers.

We also partner with influencers or complementary businesses for co-promotions, sharing our subscription links or forms with their audience.

Lastly, we enjoy hosting contests or giveaways on our channel.

It’s vital to always encourage audience engagement through comments, likes, and shares and respond to comments (fast) to foster a sense of community.

We run targeted email marketing campaigns with compelling content.

Consistency, quality content, and engagement are our top elements for success.

What has creating your digital training business done for you personally?

We have been able to build an empire because of what is going on in the world. There is so much war and crime that individuals need to be able to protect themselves. Children are the most vulnerable of all and being able to contribute to their protection fills me up inside. Overall, I am contributing to the safety and wellbeing of people and communities which gives me more hope for our society and the future.

What advice do you have for people just starting out?

When I first embarked on my business journey, I wish someone had advised me against going into business with family.

How Dinah Lilia Mourise Started a Security Training Company to Keep Children Safe Click To Tweet

It can lead to situations where business decisions are taken personally, creating unnecessary tensions and complications. Keeping the professional and personal spheres separate would have made things a lot simpler.

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