Course Creators Interview

If You’re a Course Creator, We Want to Hear Your Story

This is your official invitation to take part in a short, written interview and gain more exposure for your business.

Hi Course Creator!

Would you like to take part in a short interview and get your interview article featured on Business Bolts?

All that’s required is you offer an online course and have made at least a few sales (at least $500 worth). If you’ve turned your online course into a fully fledged business I’d also love to have you take part in an interview. Course creators like us want to hear from people starting out as well as industry experts.

Your consideration to take part in this is much appreciated!

The interview is written, so you’ll need to be OK writing out your answers.  I will add in screenshots of your site. I’m also happy to edit your content and add in some introductory information based on your website content. I’d estimate your total time to complete this written interview is about 45 minutes.

In exchange, the article will be featured on Business Bolts with a link back to your site (this will not be a nofollow link, it will be an actual link). It’s possible people reading the article will be interested in your course so you could get some traffic in addition to the link. Lastly, the exposure you gain from the interview may even help you build up a network of people like you in the course creation industry.

I’m excited to help you further get the word out about your business and share your story with other course creators!

Send Me to the Interview!’ link=’manually,’


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