The Story of How Ania Halama Started Xpansion Alchemy to Help Others Achieve Personal Freedom

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Who are you and what course have you created?

My name is Ania Halama and I created Xpansion Alchemy (as well as many other courses). Xpansion Alchemy will help you achieve higher levels of consciousness, happiness, drive, & personal freedom.

What market does your online course serve?

Xpansion Alchemy serves a unique market of individuals who are seeking personal growth, transformation, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Our online course is designed for those who are committed to becoming the highest versions of themselves and are eager to clear their minds, release limiting beliefs, and heal past traumas. By providing the right tools and techniques, Xpansion Alchemy empowers students to achieve higher levels of consciousness, happiness, drive, and personal freedom.

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What’s the biggest benefit of taking your course?

The biggest benefit of taking the course is the opportunity for holistic personal transformation. Our course is designed to empower individuals to become the highest versions of themselves across all aspects of life, including spirituality, personal development, relationships, health, and business. By immersing themselves in our program, students can experience profound positive changes that have a lasting impact.

How did you get into the market?

The journey into the market of Xpansion Alchemy began with a deeply transformative personal experience. As a spiritual coach with a successful business, I found myself at a crossroads after returning from a month-long book tour. My business was unexpectedly hacked, resulting in the loss of my website, 300 video content pieces, and 30,000 email subscribers. It felt as though my entire business had vanished into thin air.

The following months were filled with frustration and attempts to recover what was lost. I questioned my path, wondering if I should continue coaching or pursue a different direction. This challenging period led to a profound mental breakdown, with sleepless nights, loss of appetite, and frequent panic attacks. It was during this time of vulnerability that I surrendered to the universe, seeking guidance and clarity.

In a four-hour meditation session, a powerful idea was bestowed upon me—the concept of Xpansion Alchemy. The universe gifted me with the entire framework for the business, including its name, branding, website, payment structure, and even the partners to collaborate with. As I immersed myself in this divine revelation, one message became clear: collaboration, not competition, was the way forward.

Why did you decide to create an online course in the first place?

The decision to create an online course was driven by my extensive experience in the online space and a deep understanding of the diverse learning preferences of individuals. Over the past 8 years, I have developed various successful courses in business, affiliate marketing, personal development, and spirituality. Throughout my journey, I have personally experienced the immense value of online learning, having taken numerous courses myself.

Recognizing that a traditional classroom setting is not suited for everyone, including myself, I felt compelled to create a transformative online course that catered to a wide range of learners. - Ania Halama Click To Tweet

I envisioned Xpansion Alchemy as an inclusive online school, offering valuable insights and teachings from multiple teachers in different realms of personal development, health, relationships, spirituality, and business.

Did you have any moments of doubt before you created/launched it?

Before creating and launching Xpansion Alchemy, I faced moments of doubt and wrestled with my own insecurities. Starting any new venture can be daunting, especially after experiencing a mental breakdown and questioning my own worthiness. Thoughts such as “Who am I to create this?” and “Will anyone want to buy this?” crept into my mind, fueling self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

The journey of bringing Xpansion Alchemy to life was not without its challenges. Putting the course together required meticulous planning, organizing content from various teachers, and creating a cohesive framework that would deliver a transformative experience. Throughout this process, moments of uncertainty would arise, and the fear of not being good enough or deserving enough would cast its shadow.

Ania Halama's site

If so what made you turn it around and do it anyway?

I was fortunate to have the tools and teachings that we now share within Xpansion Alchemy to navigate these doubts and limiting beliefs. The very principles we teach and the techniques we offer became invaluable resources for overcoming my own insecurities. They allowed me to recognize that these doubts were merely products of my own mind, constructed by outdated beliefs that no longer served me.

What’s your online course like?

Xpansion Alchemy is designed to provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience for our students. Our online course encompasses five pillars: spirituality, personal development, health, relationships, and business. With a team of 15 expert teachers, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of personal growth and transformation.

One of the distinguishing features of Xpansion Alchemy is our LIVE Zoom classes.

Each teacher conducts one LIVE class every month, allowing students to actively participate and engage with the material. - Ania Halama Click To Tweet

This format ensures that students have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and interact with the teachers in real-time. We understand the importance of immediate feedback and personalized guidance, which is why we prioritize the live aspect of our classes.

Following the live sessions, all the classes are recorded and made available for replay within our Academy. The recorded classes are organized based on the month, teacher, and topic, making it easy for students to access the specific content they are interested in. This extensive library of recordings provides a valuable resource for students to revisit lessons, reinforce their learning, and dive deeper into the topics covered.

In addition to the classes and recordings, we have a vibrant community where students can connect, collaborate, and support one another.

The community platform serves as a space for students to chat, share insights, and discuss their experiences. It also serves as a hub for accessing class schedules, additional resources, and getting answers to any additional questions that may arise.

Flexibility is a key aspect of Xpansion Alchemy. Students have the freedom to choose the number of classes they attend each month, allowing them to tailor their learning experience to their individual needs and schedules. Whether they prefer to join classes in real-time or watch the recordings at their own pace, our course accommodates different learning preferences.

Xpansion Alchemy offers a blend of live interactive classes, recorded replays, and a supportive community to foster a rich and engaging learning environment. We aim to provide our students with a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth, empowering them to embark on their transformational journey with confidence, support, and the flexibility to learn on their own terms.

How long did it take you to create your course?

Creating Xpansion Alchemy, our comprehensive online course, was a labor of love that required dedicated time and meticulous planning. The process of developing the course took approximately six months from the initial concept to its launch.

Tell us a little about the process of launching your course and getting your first sale(s).

Launching Xpansion Alchemy and securing our first sales was an exciting and pivotal moment for us. We chose to introduce our course to the world through an immersive online event called ‘Quantum Maxima.’ This event served as a preview, giving participants a taste of the transformative experiences and valuable knowledge they would encounter within Xpansion Alchemy.

Quantum Maxima spanned three consecutive days, during which each of our 15 teachers had a dedicated 30-minute slot to share their expertise in their respective fields. This format allowed us to showcase the diverse range of topics and teachings that Xpansion Alchemy would offer. The live aspect of the event fostered engagement and interaction, enabling participants to ask questions and connect directly with the teachers.

Do you have a lead magnet?

Yes, we do have a lead magnet to introduce potential students to Xpansion Alchemy and showcase the transformative experiences they can expect. Our lead magnet is our event, Quantum Maxima, which was held live and is still available for viewing on YouTube as well as inside our vibrant Facebook community.

Quantum Maxima served as an immersive experience, providing attendees with a glimpse into the teachings and insights that Xpansion Alchemy offers. By offering valuable content from our expert teachers during the event, we created an opportunity for individuals to connect with our community and get a taste of the transformative journey that awaits them.

In addition to Quantum Maxima, we also run promotions and offer free trials to further engage with our audience and allow them to experience the power of Xpansion Alchemy firsthand. For example, during the holiday season when we initially launched, we ran a promotion offering a $1 trial for a period of 14 days inside XA. This trial allowed individuals to explore the course, access the recorded content, participate in live classes, and engage with the community platform.

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What’s the traffic strategy that works best for you?

At Xpansion Alchemy, we have found that our most effective traffic strategy revolves around collaboration and community engagement. Our approach is centered on leveraging the power of our teachers and students to spread the word about Xpansion Alchemy.

To kickstart this strategy, we have provided each of our teachers with an affiliate link. They share these links with their own audiences, allowing their followers to access their classes within Xpansion Alchemy. This collaborative effort not only helps to drive traffic to our platform but also allows our teachers to connect with a broader audience and expand their reach.

Additionally, we offer our students the opportunity to become affiliates themselves. By becoming an affiliate, they can earn a 30% commission on both monthly and yearly sales generated through their referral links. This incentivizes our students to actively promote Xpansion Alchemy and encourages them to engage with their networks to bring new participants into our community.

To facilitate the affiliate program, we have established partnerships with affiliate platforms like Digistore24, leveraging their infrastructure and tracking capabilities to manage the affiliate process effectively.

What online course platform are you using?

We are proud to utilize the eLearning platform powered by Builderall to deliver our transformative online course, Xpansion Alchemy. This platform offers us a comprehensive set of tools and features that enable us to create an immersive and engaging learning experience for our students.

Do you like it?

We are thrilled with the capabilities and user-friendly nature of these platforms, as they enable us to deliver a seamless and enriching online learning experience. Our choice of platforms reflects our commitment to providing a high-quality, accessible, and engaging environment for our students to embark on their journey of expansion and transformation.

Are there any features you wish it had?

As we continue to evolve and refine Xpansion Alchemy, there are indeed features that we envision for our ideal platform, creating an even more immersive and cohesive experience for our students.

One of our main aspirations is to have an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates all aspects of Xpansion Alchemy. We envision a platform where we can not only conduct live video sessions but also host and organize them within our school. This would allow our students to easily access and revisit class recordings, ensuring they have a comprehensive resource library at their fingertips.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of fostering a strong sense of community. We envision a platform that goes beyond just course content and incorporates a robust community aspect. This would provide our students with a dedicated space to engage, collaborate, and connect with one another, facilitating deeper discussions, networking opportunities, and the formation of meaningful relationships.

Furthermore, having a centralized hub that includes comprehensive class schedules would greatly enhance the user experience. By having a clear and easily accessible schedule, our students can plan their participation and ensure they don’t miss out on any valuable sessions or events.

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What made you decide to use your chosen platform over others?

The decision to use Builderall as our chosen platform for Xpansion Alchemy was based on a combination of familiarity, control, and excellent support.

Having been with Builderall for five years, I have developed a deep understanding and comfort with the platform. This familiarity played a significant role in our decision, as it allowed for a seamless transition and ease of use in creating and managing our online courses.

What other tools do you use to run your online course business?

For the live classes and interactive sessions, we rely on Zoom, a widely recognized and trusted video conferencing platform. Zoom enables us to connect with our students in real-time, fostering an engaging and interactive learning environment. This platform allows for seamless communication and the opportunity for students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback from our teachers.

Builderall serves as a central hub for our website and academy, providing a comprehensive eLearning platform. With Builderall, we can create and manage our course content, organize it into structured modules, and deliver a seamless learning experience to our students. This powerful tool offers the necessary features and customization options to ensure that our courses are presented in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner.

To foster a sense of community and facilitate collaboration among our students, we utilize Band, a dedicated community platform.

Band provides a secure and private space where our students can connect, share insights, and support each other on their transformative journeys. This platform enables us to create a vibrant and engaged community, encouraging networking and the formation of valuable connections among our students.

When it comes to graphic design and content creation, we rely on Photoshop. This versatile tool allows us to design visually captivating graphics, including promotional materials, course visuals, and branding elements. By leveraging the power of Photoshop, we ensure that our visual content resonates with our audience and effectively communicates our brand identity.

To streamline the organization and storage of files, we utilize Dropbox.

This cloud-based storage solution provides a secure and accessible repository for housing photos, graphics, and other important resources related to our teachers and course content. Dropbox enables easy collaboration and sharing among our team, ensuring that we have quick access to the files we need, whenever and wherever we need them.

Finally, Google Forms plays a crucial role in managing our class schedules and collecting information from our teachers. This user-friendly survey tool allows our teachers to easily input their class details and schedules, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for our students.

What books or training programs have you found useful on your journey to a successful business owner that others might find valuable too?

On my journey to becoming a successful business owner, I have come across several books and training programs that have had a profound impact on my growth and development. These resources have provided invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiration that can be valuable to others on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

One book that has greatly influenced my mindset and approach to business is “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. This book introduces the concept of lean methodology, emphasizing the importance of validated learning, experimentation, and iterative improvement. It offers practical advice on how to build and scale a successful business while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. The principles shared in this book have helped me navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business with a focus on continuous innovation and customer-centricity.

Another impactful book is “The Four Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. This book challenges conventional notions of work and productivity, providing unconventional strategies for designing a lifestyle that combines personal freedom and professional success. It offers insights on automating tasks, outsourcing, and leveraging technology to create more time and flexibility. This book has inspired me to think outside the box and explore alternative approaches to work and lifestyle design, enabling me to prioritize what truly matters and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

In terms of training programs, I have found value in online courses such as Marie Forleo’s B-School and Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy.

Ania Halama's site

Do you have any big mistakes you’ve made along the way that you’d be willing to share?

One significant mistake that stands out is not hiring a team early enough in the process. When I started Xpansion Alchemy and had 15 teachers on board, managing their schedules and ensuring everything ran smoothly became quite overwhelming. I thought I could handle all the responsibilities myself, but as the workload increased, it quickly became exhausting and started taking a toll on my well-being.

In hindsight, I realize that my reluctance to bring in additional support was a mistake. I should have recognized the importance of delegating tasks and seeking assistance from capable individuals.

By not hiring a team early on, I missed out on the opportunity to alleviate some of the burdens and streamline the operational aspects of the business. - Ania Halama Click To Tweet

It not only hindered my productivity but also prevented me from focusing on the more strategic aspects of Xpansion Alchemy’s growth.

Please share some idea of revenue.

Xpansion Alchemy is priced at $99 per month or $999 for an annual subscription. These options provide our students with flexibility in choosing the membership duration that best suits their needs. We believe in offering accessible and valuable content at an affordable price point, ensuring that personal development and transformation are within reach for individuals from various backgrounds.

When we initially launched Xpansion Alchemy, we were thrilled to have 5 students join us right from the start. It was a humble beginning, but it provided us with great encouragement and validated the value we were offering. Since then, our student base has been steadily growing month by month, and we are dedicated to providing a transformational experience for each individual who joins our community.

While I won’t delve into specific financial figures, Xpansion Alchemy has been experiencing positive growth in terms of revenue. We are grateful for the support and trust of our students, who recognize the value of our program and the impact it can have on their personal and professional lives.

Please tell us a little about what the money you’ve earned from your course has done for you.

The financial success of Xpansion Alchemy has had a profound impact not only on myself but also on the dedicated teachers who contribute to the program. Our revenue-sharing model ensures that each teacher receives a fair percentage of the earnings, allowing them to truly feel like valued partners in the venture. This commitment to fairness and authenticity is at the core of our philosophy.

On a personal level, the earnings from Xpansion Alchemy have provided me with the means to address the initial costs associated with starting the program. Additionally, it has afforded me the opportunity to invest in my own continued education and growth. Towards the end of this year, I will be embarking on a transformative journey by attending an ayahuasca school in the jungle for two months. This experience will enable me to facilitate retreats and provide valuable integration coaching.

Moreover, the revenue generated has also supported my other entrepreneurial endeavors. I have been able to allocate funds towards writing my next book and investing in properties to host transformative retreats. This expansion allows me to offer immersive experiences to our community, deepening the impact we can create together.

Furthermore, the financial success of Xpansion Alchemy has given me the ability to bring my family to South America, where I currently reside. It is truly fulfilling to have them visit me and witness firsthand the transformational lifestyle that I embody and share with our community.

In addition to revenue are there any numbers you would like to share?

Numbers alone can’t fully capture the essence of our journey with Xpansion Alchemy. Our success extends beyond mere statistics, as it is rooted in the power of collaboration and community. When we launched Xpansion Alchemy with our transformative event, Quantum Maxima, I was still in the process of rebuilding my email list and recovering from the loss of my previous business.

Embracing the spirit of collaboration, each of our teachers was equipped with an affiliate link to promote the event and Xpansion Alchemy as a whole. It was through this collective effort that we witnessed the remarkable impact of coming together. One of our teachers sent out a single email, and overnight, the response was staggering—800 people eagerly signed up for the event. This inspiring moment demonstrated the tremendous potential that lies within collaboration and the ability to amplify our mission through shared efforts.

While this particular instance showcased the power of collaboration in rapidly reaching a large audience, it is just one example of the profound connections and growth that Xpansion Alchemy continues to foster. Our focus remains on cultivating a supportive community, where each person’s unique strengths and contributions enrich the collective journey towards personal growth and transformation.

What has creating your course done for you personally?

Creating my course has been a transformative journey, not just professionally but also on a deeply personal level. Through this process, I have discovered a profound sense of accomplishment and purpose. It has ignited a fire within me, knowing that I have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Do you have a story of a transformation from any of your clients?

One of the most profound moments for me as an instructor at Xpansion Alchemy was when a student shared their personal transformation during one of our online sessions. In their testimonial, they expressed how they rarely showed their emotional side, especially in professional settings, but after participating in our program, they were moved to tears. They discovered a renewed sense of clarity, authenticity, and self-belief, which had a profound impact on their life.

Reading their words filled me with a deep sense of fulfillment and joy. Knowing that our course had helped this individual tap into their true potential and embrace their personal power was incredibly rewarding. Witnessing their growth in confidence and their newfound desire to share their knowledge and experiences with others was truly inspiring.

What advice do you have for people just starting out?

For those who are just starting out on their journey of creating an online course, my advice is simple: take that leap and start.

It's natural to have doubts and fears, but the inner calling you feel to share your knowledge and make a difference in the lives of others is a powerful force. Trust in that guidance and embrace it wholeheartedly. - Ania Halama Click To Tweet

I wish I had known earlier that there is never a perfect time to start. Waiting for all the conditions to align or for all the self-doubt to disappear will only hold you back. Instead, recognize that the universe is nudging you to step into your purpose and make a positive impact. Embrace the challenges and uncertainties as opportunities for growth and learning.

It’s important to remember that your unique voice and perspective have value.

Trust in your expertise and the knowledge you have to offer. Be authentic in your approach and focus on serving your audience with genuine care and dedication. As you embark on this journey, surround yourself with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who can uplift and inspire you along the way.

Stay committed to your vision, but also be open to adapting and evolving as you receive feedback from your students. Embrace continuous learning and improvement, both in the content you deliver and in the way you connect with your audience.

Ultimately, creating an online course is not just about sharing information, but about making a difference in the lives of others. Embrace the opportunity to inspire, empower, and transform. Embrace the call to be of service to a broader audience, and trust that your course has the potential to touch the lives of many.

Remember, the world needs your unique gifts and insights. So, take that first step, and let your passion and expertise guide you on this incredible journey of creating an online course that can change lives.

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