Create your course around a topic that will give you the best chance of success.

Created for those interested in starting an online course business, but need help figuring out what topic to cover. Learn how to differentiate your topic idea from competitors in the process.

Level: Starting out

Video Length: 2 hr 28 m

Supplemental Material: 22 pg Action Plan + Excel Spreadsheets

Enrollment Fee: $95 $45 for 12-months access during special offer

Follow a proven framework for researching a topic and determine if it’s worth creating a course around.

Are you tired of worrying about whether or not you’ve picked the right topic to create a course around?

Do you feel like if you knew a little more you could gain the confidence you need to get started?

If so then this is the perfect training for you.

Save yourself tons of second-guessing. Make sure the online course you spend weeks or months creating actually has a fighting chance of getting students and earning money.

Give yourself the best chance of success by following a proven framework.

Who is Course Researcher for?

This training is ideal for you if you want to create an online course business. It walks you step-by-step through the first hurdle, which is deciding on your topic idea. 

You’ll settle on an idea, check it’s profitability, determine quick traffic options, and paid ad potential. You'll also develop your unique angle that will help you stand out in the marketplace.

Why this program is worth your time.

Course Researcher is not your typical online training. There's over 2 hours worth of video that walks you through specific tasks. Here's a sneak peek at the framework covered in easy to understand videos in this course:

As you can see, each layer of the pyramid builds on top of the previous layer.

Unlike most training, you’re not just watching videos, but actually moving closer to your goal with each task you complete.

There’s also a detailed action plan to help guide you through all the tasks.

Lastly, you can track your progress to get closer and closer to your end goal. By the time you've completed the training, you'll know you’ve thoroughly reviewed your options and are on track to create a course with the best chance of success.

About Lisa Parmley

Lisa got her start in the course creation business in 2001 in the test prep industry. Her first course brought in multiple 7-figure earnings over the span of nearly two decades. She created two additional 6-figure courses; one covering search engine optimization (SEO) and the other on authority site building.

Lisa walks you through everything she considers before spending any time creating a course.

Every detail of the exact blueprint she uses to see success is in the Course Researcher program. It’s based on nearly 20 years of experience selecting course topics as well as the blueprint for their positioning.

Training contents

The videos in the Course Researcher training are short and geared toward helping you start and complete specific tasks. You’ll build the foundation for your business as you go through the training. Watch the course overview video …

6 Detailed Course Modules:

Research Topic Options

Uncover topic options based on your knowledge and background.

Research Competitors

Find competitors from every major source and organize them into a usable list.

Research Quick Traffic Wins

Research quick traffic wins to see where you can get initial traffic to your opt-in page and build your list.

Research Paid Ads

Research paid ads to determine if you can model paid advertising from your competitors.

Research the Market

Research the existing marketplace to see exactly what your competitors are offering.

Develop Your Unique Angle(s)

Develop your unique angle(s) based on your data collection so you stand out in the marketplace.

Money back guarantee

14-day no questions asked money back period.
Start moving forward as you go through the training.

Exactly what you get when you enroll:

  • 6 easy to follow training modules that walk you through the research process.
  • 45+ short, task-based video lessons so you know exactly what to do.
  • Actionable tasks within the action plan to keep you moving forward.
  • Full access for 12-months.

Enroll today and start building a solid foundation for your online course business

Gain access to the full Course Researcher program for 12 months:

Frequently asked questions

You can easily take advantage of our 14-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the course. Simply contact us within 14-days of enrolling and we'll set you up with a quick and easy refund.

You'll have 12 months after enrolling to complete this course. This is plenty of time to watch all the videos (totaling 2 hours) and complete all the tasks. This training is meant for action-takers so there's no reason not to limit the length of time. If you need more time you can re-enroll for 50% off the regular course price.