Rocketium Pricing, Features, and More

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Rocketium is a simple and hassle-free video creation tool with branded templates, stock content, and video workflows. Create videos for brand awareness, improving conversions, and ads campaigns.


Who Rocketium is For:

Rocketium may be a good fit for you if you plan to use video marketing to help market your business. This tool offers an article to video feature which is a great way to help you quickly turn your blog posts into visually appealing videos. You can also use it to make videos with photos and music.

Skill Level:

Rocketium is easy to use. You can import your own photos and music or choose to use photos and music from the Rocketium collection. To help make putting together appealing videos even easier, you’ll gain access to 70+ video templates. It’s as easy as selecting your business goals and following the template builder.


Once you sign up for Rocketium you’ll gain access to your personal account area where you can create and manage your videos. It’s all online and easy to use.

Special Features:

Rocketium allows you to turn blog posts into videos. You’ll start by entering in your URL where you drag and drop elements from the article into your video. In addition, you can create videos from spreadsheets with a special plugin. I don’t think any other tool offers this so if you have a lot of data in spreadsheets, Rocketium will allow you to present that data in a visually appealing video. You can change fonts, add your logo, and more right from a spreadsheet.


With the blog post to video feature you have to manually drag and drop elements into your video. Rocketium does not automatically create your video for you. Organizing the elements manually will help you create a better video so it’s worth the little effort it takes.

Detailed Features

✔ Royalty free images✔ Brand awareness✔ Easy video creation
✔ User generated content✔ Improving conversions✔ Video editing
✔ Music tracks✔ Ad campaigns✔ Video branding
✔ Stock content✔ Stories✔ Custom integrations
✔ Export 1080 HD

Pricing Models

Starting Price: $49/month for 20 videos/month. You can remove the watermark, export in 720p HD, gain access to basic styling and preset templates.

Advanced Plans: $99/month for 40 videos/month. You can remove the watermark, export in 1080p HD, upload your brand font. This is for a single user and you will gain access to preset templates. Rocketium also offers agency pricing for up to 3 users with unlimited videos per month for $199/month.

Annual Savings: Save up to 25% on the plans. Agency is $150/month when you pay for a full year.

Trial Option: Sign-up to make a free video with their trial option.

Free Version: There is a free Basic plan where you can make up to 3 videos/month, add your logo, export in 720p HD, gain access to the preset templates, and more.

Guarantee: There are no refunds for cancellation of subscriptions that are already paid for.

Customer Support

Training: Articles and knowledge base.
Support: Chat on the site.

Company Details

Founded in: 2015 by Anurag Dwivedi and Satej Sirur
Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Competing Tools

If you’re looking for the ability to turn articles into videos then another alternative is Lumen5. Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence to easily transform blog posts and other content into videos in minutes.

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