Topic Research

Researching your topic idea to make sure it's worth pursuing should be your very first step. You need to validate it through research, especially if you don't have a list of people waiting to buy your course.

Researching will also help you find out more about your market. Uncovering details about your market can help you develop a unique angle, so you stand out from competitors.

Here is the training ready for you in the research path:

Research Topic Idea

  • 8 Steps
  • Video
Reflect on your specific circumstances to determine an online course topic match. Gain a breakdown of popular market industries for courses and topic ideas.
Outcome: Select the best topic area based on your unique attributes.

Research Competitors

  • 5 Steps
  • Video
Make sure people are actually paying for information in the topic area you’re considering.
Outcome: Gain confidence that others are succeeding in your topic area of interest which makes it more likely you can succeed in the topic too.

Research Quick Traffic Wins

  • 6 Steps
  • Video
Figure out where your target audience hangs out online. You want to make sure you can get buyers interested in paying for the content in your course.
Outcome: Do the research to determine if there are quick traffic wins in your topic area idea.

Research Paid Ads

  • 4 Steps
  • Video
If competitors are able to make paid ads work for them, it gives you a big clue that you can make paid ads work too. Paid advertising can result in a profit quickly and close to autopilot.
Outcome: Gain confidence that you can use paid advertising as a traffic source for your online course topic.

Research the Market

  • 6 Steps
  • Video
Dig in and research your competitors' sales pages and websites. See how they structure their offer.
Outcome: Research a few important facts about your competitors and add them to a spreadsheet.

Your Unique Angle

  • 8 Steps
  • Video
Come up with unique angles that allow your course to stand out in the marketplace. You’ll look at your market research from the last training and review it for gaps that you might want to fill.
Outcome: Come up with unique angles for your online course business based on gaps in the marketplace.

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