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You’ll need to excel at creating, researching, and have the desire to add value through knowledge (big value in fact) to succeed with this method. While social media and Q & A marketing require some of these skills, content creation requires them on a much bigger level.

Traffic Foundation: Content Creation

11 Lessons

Traffic Foundation: Content Creation Overview

Gain an overview of content creation as a traffic generation method.


Discover if content creation is a good fit for your natural abilities. Learn about the different ways to generate traffic through content.

Training Breakdown

  • 1. Traits for Success
  • 2. Content Creation Traits Assessment
  • 3. Content Marketing
  • 4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 5. Video Marketing Strategies
  • 6. YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • 7. Infographics
  • 8. Images/Visualizations
  • 9. Podcasting
  • 10. Slideshow Presentations
  • 11. Guest Blogging

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