Developing a brand strategy is something most small businesses never take the time to do. However, it's essential. 

Branding involves creating a distinct identity. It helps you stand apart, which will give you an edge. This is even more true when you're in a competitive market.

Your online training may provide the same transformation that a competitor's product offers. Often in these cases, it's the unique angle and brand that wins customers over.

Here is the training ready for you in the branding path:

Brand Research

  • 6 Steps
  • Video
Learn what branding is and use it to gain an edge, especially in a competitive market.
Outcome: Start to develop a brand strategy. Research your competitor’s branding strategy, develop your story, your brand image, and your target audience.

Brand Designs

  • 3 Steps
  • Video
Choose design elements for your site. All this will relate back to your brand strategy so everything matches when you put it all together.
Outcome: Decide on colors and typography to use for your site. Create your logo and sort out additional design elements.

Course Name Branding

  • 2 Steps
  • Video
Learn about the principles for naming your course, examples of good course names, and rules to keep in mind.
Outcome: Come up with a name for your course or training that matches the rest of your brand strategy.

Domain Name Branding

  • 6 Steps
  • Video
Learn about domain name principles and the four types of domain names; personal domains, company domains, clever domains, and keyword domain names.
Outcome: Choose a domain name that matches with the rest of your brand strategy.

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