Become a Course Method Pro Affiliate

Why join this affiliate program?

Refer other online course founders and make recurring revenue. Payouts are 20% of the purchase price. We payout monthly through Teachable which uses PayPal. Since we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, we pay commissions for the following month.

Easy implementation

Get easy links. The cookie-based tracking allows you to be credited up to 60 days after the last click through your link.

Course Method Pro is an easy sell

With an emphasis on online course founders, knowledge-based businesses, digital trainers, there is no other community like it. There is a free Blueprint Tracker + weekly interviews sign-up which is an easy sell. Send your traffic there and we’ll do the rest with our follow-up. The Blueprint Tracker leads right to the upgraded Course Method Pro subscription.

Course Method Pro includes a full training library with just-in-time training. It’s highly action-oriented which is perfect for founders in this industry. The community helps keep founders engaged and on track. The price for a Course Method Pro membership will increase over time and annual memberships are available for your sign-ups to start out with or upgrade to.

Join the affiliate program

Our program has …

  • Monthly commission payouts (20% of sale).
  • Affiliate links with 60-day last-click cookie tracking.
  • Recurring revenue for as long as your sign-ups stay in Course Method Pro.
  • Helpful emails to walk you through maximizing your referrals.

You have to sign up for an account in order to access the affiliate program. We do offer a free account for the Blueprint Tracker (which is what we recommend you refer).

Sign up for a Blueprint Tracker account and then send us an email ( with the email address you signed up for. Simply let us know you’d like to become an affiliate and we’ll get you set up!

Here are the links to sign up for a free account and one to log in if you already have an existing account:

Grow faster with free step-by-step training for online course founders.

Review the training right on the site or sign up for free to get progress tracking and access to Strategic Planners.